Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Question You Probably Can't Answer About Transatlantic Health Coverage

I am going to have to stay up late tonight to watch FOX NEWS. If that sounds shocking to you, coming from the downward motion of my fingers on labelled plastic buttons (as opposed to my mouth), I have a perfectly good explanation. All the major American television networks have passed up the chance to air Obama's health care speech to a joint session of Congress this evening. FOX NEWS just happens to be the first channel I heard about that is covering it.

So what will he say? I don't know. After reading twenty or so editorials on what he will say or what he might say or what he should say, I still don't know. Will he go down fighting for the public option? How will he try to mend the conflicting wills of the House and the Senate? All of these big big questions and yet I am transfixed on a question that no one is asking and one that Obama will not answer...

Will I be legally obliged to buy health insurance in America even though I live abroad? All of the plans passed in Congressional committees have called for compulsory health coverage for everyone. Perhaps they will pull a Massachusetts and screw me on taxes if I don't have coverage. Perhaps the plans will simply require I write a letter to a newly formed government agency asking for an exemption with a French electricity bill in my name and a copy of my driver's license.

The days of the young lowerclass - lower middleclass world traveler may be over.

Stay tuned, or read through 5000 pages of drivel written by Cigna and Phizer financed bible-thumping congressional monkeymen, to find out!

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  1. i wish i had some readers so i didn't have to spend so much time trying to find this out myself. aren't there any other wanna be ex-pats out there who want to divide the workload? so far it looks like a 2.5 percent income tax for opt-outs on at least one of the proposed plans.

    where is my exemption?